Get Your Social Media in #Formation

One thing we've learned over the weekend is that when Beyonce stamps something.. she makes it pop! But what makes Bey's stamp so legit?

Her social media backing.

The minute Beyonce posts something, the world listens.

So what you don't have a #beyhive backing you! Get in #FORMATION.

Utilize trends to make your social media page attracable and findable amongst all things social. You know, when in Rome do as the Romans would do.

Here are some friendly tips to get in #Formation.

1. Use top trends-Think social media tips has nothing to do with #Beyonce or #Formation? Think again! Anytime anyone searches for #Beyonce or #Formation.. you'll pop up.

2. Always use pictures-Pictures say a thousand and one words. Use them, let them speak for you.

3. Be ORIGINAL- No one and I do mean NO one can get in #Formation being like any of the others. You gotta #SLAY honey #SLAY!

Reach out to us if you need help at

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