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We all hear stories about people who make money using social media. If your timeline is anything like mine, you'll see story after story about how you can make thousands of extra dollars a month just from doing what you already do on social media. But how does the social hustle really work? Here are some tips you can use to help get your social hustle on.

1. Do something you LOVE- In order to make other people believe you are an expert in what you are doing, you've got to believe it. Choose a craft that is your true true passion. Not everyone will be a blogger, some people do better at videos. Not everyone can sell products, maybe your social hustle is ad sells instead, either way doing what you love will easily attract fans.

2. Do your research-There are lots of resources available to help you tailor your craft once you discover what that is. A simple Google search will tell you lots of information about how to attract people to your blog or how to sell your product using Instagram. These resources can give you ideas about things that will keep your hustle unique and in the forefront of social trends.

3. Find a MENTOR- Believe or not, there are people who already amazing at what you plan to do, follow in their footsteps. What did their path look like? What did they do wrong? Personally, I follow the blog "The Branding Muse" by Emmelie De La Cruz, the girl is a pure genius when it comes to branding and blogging. I even signed up for her monthly subscription to receive exclusive access to her webinars and tips. Lean more about her at

4. Brand yourself-Don't just jump in to your social hustle with a branding strategy. What will be your look and feel? What do you want your audience to know about you or your product from the very beginning? If you do this leg work in the beginning, it'll be easy to update it later if necessary and you can focus on your actual business. Invest in a logo, social media pages and a website. These are essential to your credibility.

5. FInd the RIGHT channels- Use the channels that make sense for your services or products. Are you selling jewelry? Use Instagram to capture amazing photographs and reach new customers. Are you blogging? Try WordPress to build your following. Always find out where your audience is based on your product.

6. Know how all of your hard work will translate into cash- None of this makes sense if you don't have a clear plan on how you will make money and gain customers. Do you love writing and want advertisers to paid for ad space? Do you want to let companies use your social media accounts to sell their products? Even if you start small, figure out what the big picture looks like and create a business model based on that!

If you need help pulling it all together, reach out to us at or

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