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Events and social networking go hand in hand! Everything from advertising your event to engaging your audience is enhanced when social media is involved. The evolution of social media makes it easier than before to create opportunities to not only bring people to your event but bring them together once they arrive!

The newest most captivating way this is taking place is through live social media feeds during your event! Audiences want to know what other people saying about this event. Not only do live feeds help the audience get engaged but they help you as well. Here are some of the ways:

1. Generates social media conversations around your event-If audience members think their tweet or Instagram photo may end up on a large screen during an event, they are more willing to use your hashtag or tag you in photos. Not only is your current audience seeing these messages but their friends who aren't even at the event are also seeing your images as well.

2. Helps create buzz for future events- You will be able to pull together amazing images and resources for future events that you can then use as for future ad campaigns to draw more people to your future events.

3. Provides instant feedback- Why wait for a post event survey to go out to tell you how you did? With live feeds, you'll be able to gauge right then what your audience is thinking and maybe able to correct some of the things that you wouldn't normally catch during a large scale event. Is the lighting too dark, can the audience hear the speaker? These are things that most people are sharing on social media during your event and you'll be able to know about it right then to fix!

Although live feeds are a great addition to any event from weddings to conferences, most people aren't utilizing them! If you want a live feed during your next event contact us today at or

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