Let’s be honest. Everything we “think” is a good idea, isn’t always a good idea. The best business owners are able to not only acknowledge that, but do something about it by re organizing and taking a different approach. I can say that I too have had to adjust some of my original ideas for my brand and company to adjust to what was actually taking place. Here’s an example.

When I first started The Social Square, I wanted my company to be a lifestyle brand for people/business that weren’t very communications savvy. I wanted to help people achieve their business goals by providing low cost, easy to implement communications services/plans to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. Since I’m a small company, I figured I could run Facebook/Instagram ads and be very savvy with search engine optimization to reach my audience. WRONG! I didn’t stop to think that if these people really aren’t communications savvy, they aren’t living in the net.. at all! I had to re-evaluate how to reach my audience and how were they going to find out about me?

You see, it’s very easy to make “boo-boos” in communications, even for a communications expert like me. The trick is being willing to see that this isn’t working and make fast changes that will benefit your customers and your business.

A “Brand-Aid” is a quick tool to help you correct any “boo boos” you’ve made with your business communications plan or branding. Brand-Aids help you re-think what’s working and what isn’t and they cover all of the imperfections that come along with a mistake. Periodically checking for brand “boo-boos” helps you to always be responsive to the needs of your customers.

If you need a brand check-up. Reach out to us, we’ll be more than happy to find out which brand-aids you need!

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