10 Ways To Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

Yay! He popped the question, now you're looking for ways to share the news with the world! Not that I'm a salty hater or anything, but don't you think it's time to mix it up just a tad bit? Social media sees engagement posts all the time so make yours stand out! We got 10 tips to help you out with that.

1. Be original- What's unique about you all as a couple? You all met at the zoo? Like to go parasailing? Use that! Tell your story in a unique way. Here's an example

2. Don't go for the regular weird angle ring picture thing- She takes a picture of her manicured hand with a stunning ring and just post it! UMM you only get engaged once (hopefully) be CREATIVE. BORING!

3. Don't wait too late- If you wait toooo late, someone else will spill the beans for you (sucks!) sooooo do it first which means you have to be fast but not so fast that you do the above.

4. Use Pintrest- Are you just coming up short on ideas? Use Pintrest! There's some neat stuff out there that's bound to inspire you in some way.

5. Create DOPE pictures- Nope, you haven't done your engagement photos just yet (unless you have which is pretty cool and fast) BUT you can do a pretty cool posed photo.

6. Got animals?- Unless you ALWAYS pose your dogs in cute photos and your timeline is SICK of seeing your pups or kitty, use your animal in a fun way to get the word out.

7. Go for the shock value- Are you always super professional and super posed in your social media posts? Get out of that and do something that is so different that people HAVE to pay attention.

8. Ask him what he wants- OK listen, HE is the whole reason you're engaged. So asked him what he thinks! Don't just assume he's cool with whatever you come up with. You know your future mate.. don't take him too far out of his comfort zone.

9. Go viral-It's not easy to go viral but if you can, do it! Tag as many (relevant) people as you can in your post once you come up with it so that your parents and closest friends to make sure everyone sees!

10. Have fun- If you haven't pulled your hair out by now, DON'T! Have fun creating something that is totally unique and that totally represents ya'll as a couple. Excuse my Memphis accent.

If you are still totally stuck, reach out to us for some ideas. We'd be more than happy to help! Don't forget to book our social media services for your wedding day at www.thesocialsquare.com

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