10 Tips on Creating Content for Social Media

You've started your business, you've planned your brand and you've created a website. The next logical step is social media! While many people use social media for their personal use (i.e. sharing cat photos), many people don't realize social media for a business is completely different. The hardest thing to do is to find relevant content to post on your pages! Here's 10 FREE tips to help out with that!

1. Use trending topics- No matter which social media platform you're using, trending topics will probably play a role in getting exposure (except on Snapchat but that's a different post). Trending topics can range from Beyonce's performance at the VMA's to Donald Trump's latest quotes. Figure out ways to make trending topics relevant to your business so that others can see your page when searching or talking about these topics.

2. Create graphics- Graphics are an important way to visually send a message. Even if you don't have a lot of content to generate using graphics can help provide content. There are lots of free sites to so, my favorite is "Canva". In fact, I made the graphics for this post with Canva. There are free templates and paid ones but you can usually get all of your needs done with a free one!

3. Share articles relevant to your company- Is there any big news from your field? Any articles getting a lot of hits? Share these on your page as well. People want to see a variety of things when scrolling down your timeline. You want to be a resource to come back to, even if they don't see your posts in their timelines.

4. Share poplar posts from thought leaders- There are thought leaders in every business segment. Follow them and share their posts or re-tweet their tweets on your pages.

5. Create videos- Use videos to create marketing material that's interesting and easy to share. Smilebox is a great way to do this for free!

6. Run specials- If you absolutely have nothing to post about on a particular day (or however often you post for your business because it can vary), specials can work as well! Offer your customers a percentage off.

7. New announcements- What's going on that's new? Do you have new clients, do they have news? Use this as an opportunity to post something that's unexpected.

8. Interviews- Create spotlights of your clients or business expertise and write spotlights. Use your staff, clients, potential clients and anyone else your audience may have an interest in.

9. Ask a Question- Ask your audience something fun that will get them excited. Have a decision that you want a second opinion on? Use your audience to get the feedback that you need. Audiences love feeling like they can contribute in some way. Even if it's something as simple as "What do you want to see on our page?" You'll be surprised by the response you receive.

10. Create gossip- Audiences love PREVIEWS! Give them a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be you for a day or what it's like to sit in on a meeting at your business. Use this "gossip" as a way of giving audiences something they can't get anywhere else.

If the process is still overwhelming, contact us at www.thesocialsquare.com or email me and I'd be happy to help!

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