Why Snapchat Filters are a Good Move for Your Next Event

I know, you're sick of seeing all of your friends adorn a crown of flowers or be transformed into a dog with an extremely long tongue all over your social media timelines. It seems like the explosion of Snapchat filters happened overnight! Yes, these interactive filters are both fun and painfully annoying at times, but geofilters have so much more value than just that.

Did you know Snapchat provides analytics to give you information about impressions, views and uses when you create and run a custom geofilter? That's right, you can see just how many people used your filter for corporate events, marketing promotions and even local businesses and small events.

Your filter could go along way (even viral), leaving a lasting impression on the minds of all viewers. These custom photos can even be downloaded then shared on other social media sites leaving an even greater impression.

Let's look at the facts, shall we? I've created and ran nearly 30 geofilters in the past 6 months for different clients for events ranging from bridal showers to prom celebrations and birthday parties. Here's a snapshot of the total impressions, conversions and views.

What does all this mean? It means that more than 3,000 people have viewed one of my filters on Snapchat when searching for a filter to apply to a photo, the filters were actually selected more than 1,500 times and more than 100k people have viewed one of these filters. Keep in mind, we're talking about 30 filters!

But what does that mean for one event? I'm glad you asked. Here are the stats from just one of the events.

This event was a baby shower with about 100 guests. The filter was viewed 276 times, selected 165 times with over 21,000 views. Outrageous right?

Now consider the extremely low costs to run a filter at event. I charged this same customer $25 to design her each of her filters (she purchased two different ones) and she paid Snapchat $5 for each to run the filter at her appointed location and time. For a total of $30 she received 21,000 views.

These results are not atypical. So ask yourself again, why aren't you using Snapchat filters at your events? It's definitely a GREAT MOVE!

If you need help designing a custom filter purchase yours today at www.thesocialsquare.com/geofilters.

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